Saturday, April 17, 2021

Great things that happened today - school talent show and more!

I was Master of Ceremonies for the First Annual Williamsburg's Got Talent School talent show. The show featured acts from the elementary school, middle school and high school.
There were lots of talented kids presented their acts. In fact they were downright amazing. I was honored to be there and be master of ceremonies.

They had a great craft show. Beth and I bought some cheese spreads, bourbon apple butter, jelly, and some nice soy candles (including a bourbon scented one). (There's a theme in our purchases).
- Joe stopped by the house in the afternoon and had some snacks.
- Beth, Tommy and I got in to the cheese spread before dinner.
- Paige made lasagna for dinner - it was delicious!
- Beth and I watched Cowboys vs. Aliens before bed.
- We had seen it before but I didn't remember much of it.
- Other than the fact that the cowboys won.

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