Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Working from home tales

Last Monday I was expecting a call from the Doctor's office. 

My home office is in the basement. The coffee maker is on the main floor. 

Sure enough - as soon as I went up to get some coffee, my cell phone (still in the basement rang). 

I had two choices:

  1. Let it roll to voice mail and continue the game of phone tag, or 
  2. Answer it on my Apple Watch, Dick Tracy style. 
I chose the latter. As cool as the whole Dick Tracy watch phone sounds, it's not ideal. For one thing, I can't help but look like a jerk when I use my watch as a phone. "Oh, excuse me, I'm now going to talk on my phone". And... it's all speaker phone all the time. Not always ideal. 

The lady asked me a question that required me to go downstairs. In the process I bumped my watch and accidentally turned up the volume on my bluetooth speaker (which now playing "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood) to 11.

Now I had to go into the wall of sound, turn off the speaker, and then look up the info for the nice lady on the other end. I was totally embarrassed. I said something about working from home. 

About that time she said "STOP!"

Dead silence on my end.

She said "Oh no, not you, it's my son. I'm working from home and we're trying to potty train him and he came into my office and started peeing in a bucket."

Made my day.

In the end she gave me the information I needed, and a great laugh. I thanked her for both.

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